Nov 12, 2008

someone gave it to me..
it reflect on our student's life

New semester

After 1st Week:

After 2nd week:

During mid term test

After mid term test

After mid-term test

Before the final exam

Once get to know the final exam schedule

7 days before the final exam

6 days before the final exam

5 days before the final exam

4 days before the final exam

3 days before the final exam

2 days before the final exam

1 days before the final exam

The night before final exam

1 hour before final exam

During final exam

Once walk out from examination hall

After final, During holiday
That's college lifes

Do you agree with me....

some kind of true story for us student... so if you wanna change your mind.. you will make a different in your result..

Nov 1, 2008

Student's Life.. ASSIGNMENT!!!

1.Have you ever wonder of becoming a student... It is better for me to say University's student cause during this time a lot of things happen in our life's... and maybe it can change ours too.. I'm also focusing on student's life at University..

2.Do you know that being a student is doing things last minute.... Hey!!! common.. this is true... Ever wonder your assignment... when do you do your assignment.. I can guarantee you about 90% student will do their assignment last minutes....

3. Here is how they do it... Lecturer may give you a task for your assignment during the 5th week of your lecture time... then the submission date will be one week before your study leave... So... what will you do... Ahhh you say... Still too early to do it... Perhaps, you might only finished searching for related articles that might be helpful in your assignment...

4. That's it.... Now you done you said.. at least you have something going on... so after that the articles may be become an articles without nothing happen to them.... until the last week of the day...... then you will start saying.. argggghhhh its almost time to submit my assignment... But you just mention it without doing anything.. is it true... hahhahaa... well its student life...

5.During the last week.. you still said that ah.. its ok... until the days come.... do you know when.. yes student will definitely knows about the days when it comes.... Huh!!! Tomorrow is the submitted date for your assignment so what should you do then.. Gather all your group members (most of them are your friends..) and then stay all night long to finished it... To make it worst, you and your friend are just chit chatting about your life's, girlfriend or boyfriend, gossiping about your lecturer etc....... Then you make things become worsen when you knew that time is going on and you still did not manage to finished your assignment because you cannot stop gossiping..(all your story start blooming...)

6.Then after you knew that it was too late around 5am.. then you start blaming each other for start chatting with you.. but then you still chatting.. arhhh...after the time goes on then you start to know that you need to finished it because it carries about 40% of your final.. and when you didn't submit it.. then you know what will happen.... What happen at last.. you divide the tasks and then you start copy and paste everything you had.. What you need to do is just to edit a little bit here and there..... Finally... TaDa.. you managed to finished your assignment on time.. knowing that you do the plagiarism.. ha.. that's it.. all about student life's......

7.To be fair to those had done their assignment earlier... Thumbs up...... because this things does not happen to all student but to some of them maybe yes..... Now think about it... and free yourself from your assignment....