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Sep 25, 2009

Malaysia.. I Love You but you are going Backward..

This is only my personal opinion about the issues... Well there are two issues that i want to air it up...
FIRST is about THE RELOCATION OF HINDUS TEMPLE AT SHAH ALAM. What a very sore eye situation... Before giving up my opinion... let us ask and reflect ourself on this question "Are we going towards 1Malaysia concept announced by our MR. PM.. just put that question inside our heart... And think about it.. why are we (they behaving in such manner) Can't we go for a long discussion rather than protesting about it? Is this was thought in our religion... I was thinking of this thing if it happen in my place Sibu, Sarawak. Can you imagine of a catholic church (Sacred heart Catholic Church at Jalan Bukit Assek) was built long time ago and for the last few years a new Buddhist temple was built just next to it... Than to everyone shock, not even protest but no voice airing their view about the dissastifaction.. Even everyone live their life as it... Now that was what i called 1Malaysia concept... Where people respecting each other religion without hurting them personally mentally or physically... Regarding the relocation of the temple at Shah Alam, do both side involve think abount each other sensitivity?
SECOND.. Is about Teaching Science and Mathematic in English (PPSMI). Although the decision was made but they still need to think about issues arises from that decision...
THIS IS WHAT THEY SAID: By using Malay Language, they can increased the passing grade in those subject.
BUT THE REALITY SAID: Do they study just for the passing grade... why do they didn't think about the knowledge that they gained are much much more important rather the passing grade..
THIS IS WHAT THEY SAID: By teaching those subject in Malay, it will lessen the student proficiency in Malay language...
BUT THE REALITY SAID:It will make our National language become complicated and 'rojak' eg "URINE"-(English Word)="URIN"-(If translated into Bahasa Malaysia). In other words the English terms 'Dimelayukan' which worsen our Bahasa Malaysia..
THIS IS WHAT THEY SAID: They can be a fast learner if those subject are thought in Bahasa Malaysia..
BUT THE REALITY SAID: Can they compete with the international level student who learn those subjects in English especially in Engineering, Medic, Geologist, Pharmacist, Aerospaace etc..

I LOVE MALAYSIA.. but i don't want our future leader can't think differently....
I'M PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN.. but i don't want we will be lack behind in everthing..
A phrase for you to reflect... 'Are we growing stronger or backward'
Wondering about it,


mcjayn said...

Ya, I do agree with both opinion.

1Malaysia concept should be about "live and let live". Respect others and they will respect you. Kalau cukup syarat to build a temple there, who are you to stop them? We are all brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of our religion.

PPSMI - this one very old issue liao but still... haih... I dunno la. It's like they can't make up their minds. How do they know that it doesn't work? They've only tried it for like what, 5 years, and already giving up? hm...
the first batch of the experiment haven't even graduated yet (the education students, especially).

adlerhilary said...

they cannot stand to the protest of the potician.. Education should not be politicise..