Oct 30, 2009

Inew Dengah: Before October Leaves Us

Looking towards better future

Journey across the October makes me fell like i don't want to leaves the October this fast.. How on earth could i think that.. hehehe.. well a lot of memories are left in October 2009. Thanks to my friends that was part of the memories.. So glad to have you as my friends.. To name them here, better not!! I could miss some of them and they might feel bad with it.. hehehe.. Sorry everyone. Fair and square right..
Let me start the story beginning of the October. Where i can say i just go straight with no ups and downs. But of course after a week holiday spent during September, it makes my life wonderful. I miss my friends at UKM.. They are great. I've spent the whole week of holiday there where each day goes "interestingly" and "full of memories" haha... Miss them so much.. Thanks to UKMians (can i put them into this group) haha. But not to forget my "bus trip to ICG Johore mates".. They are great also just that i feels bad that i didn't spent my time with them.. huhu.. Sorry dear.. Millions apologise dear. Am i forgiven.. That 1st week in October really make me "UKM sick= HOMESICK" (but change the home to UKM). where each day i miss them.. but it recovered after one week.. hehehe.i miss them.. SOME ARE MISSING. (the photographer)-sorry Gnet - i will upload it next time, is it ok with you

Move to the second week where i got two birthday cakes on the 9th October.. Well it is my day.. Thanks to them (as usual, name will not be provided as i might forgot to put their name. well just put some Sara, Yan, Keri, Albert, Janet, Johnson and so on). thanks to them.. not forgotten to those who wishes me through SMSes. thanksmy favourite birthday cakes and my friends

Move on. To make my days become more interesting, i got my crown for our residential hall dinner "the king title" haaa. I got my best dress for dinner... hahaha.. Then another dinner, our class project dinner. one word. SUCCESSFUL. Everything moves on smoothly..with Iera during MiSC Residential hall dinner (best dress you)

Melaka trip also makes my life wonderful. Expolrace at melaka.. Great days.. To many things to describe guys...
Explorace at Melaka 'X-treme, X-cite, Xplore' we won the race.

and moving on to the 3rd and last week is the best ever.. I left this family for that long time.. huh!! i think they miss me a lot. hahaha. and the same goes to me. Do you know what family and which family is it. the NUCS family.. hahaha. This is where i belong, where my heart goes to.. Millions apologise to them also. Because i left this family for 2 and the half years.. and now i'm promising them that i won't leaved them for the next semester. Together we built our family stronger.. HUH!!! So i won't explain in the details here. Its just enough to say that we organise farewell party, with sukaneka, and some other interesting activities.. Not to forget the perfect and wonderful gahtering.. ALL IN ONE COMPLETE. (sorry the pic are in my facebook). Wanna feel it join us la..
This makes me sad to leaves October after life's was so wonderful.. Thanks everyone who had participated inside my story..

now i wanna give you this award "WONDERFUL FRIENDS" as you makes my life interesting.. Thanks... Million thanks..

October 2009 you may leaves me,
But promise me of wonderful November 2009 ahead.


mcjayn said...

Huhu... mun nyadin plan telo lau in mesti gempak oktober kaau taun ih T_T agei can't get over it.

hehe, pray semoga ako kenaan melei muto :p hehe. naah, kenah lah telo sama2 mempolusikan bumi yg dipinjam ini. hello~ :p

Conee said...

Add another one monthlah our age... feel so fast rite? -.- i hve all the wonderful years wif u all... not only in October... ^^ Hello :P

Gnet said...

hello :P
sampai gnet demam ok after raya holiday tu lol
but u are definitely a friend worth keeping!
glad to have met you along this path of life. walaupun stressss suruh ambil gambar saja :D
hoping for the best for u in months to come! spice it up by doing things impulsively because life is interesting that way! :)

gloria said...

raya holidays is fantastic month :)

adlerhilary said...

mcjayn- in lah.. apakan daya dei kenah....

Conee- tak boleh.. takut tak balik kita ni nanti..

Gnet- lif is intersting... yeah... sapa suruh tak jaga kesihatan.. :P