Nov 17, 2009

Inew Dengah: Officially Holiday + Facebook Activation

spending time at McD while waiting for tomorrow

With my paper which ended about 6 hours ago. Now I officially announced that I am a free man.. 'Investment Analysis' was my last paper for this semester. With this, i ended my student lifetime for first semester session 2009/2010. I was quite excited to spend the whole of my life as student during this semester. Thank God. He had given me all the chances to meet all those awesome people... This student's life was not worth having. I don't regret any (not even one) of my life as student.. Great.. For sure I will miss this moment a lot. (blues moment are in)..

thanks... it was wonderful to know all of you...

Just forget about them for a while.. I'll post my student's lifetime later. If I can spare some times with it. :D ... Well continue with my story. I will spent my holiday from 18 November 2009 until 3 January 2010 (when i arrived UUM). I was very excited to finished my last semester here and with that i'm gonna miss that moment soooo much. You know why? I will have to direct my own life. Sound a bit interesting. (yes.. but.. still i want to spent my life as student.)

For this holiday, I don't know much about what do I need to do. But for sure they planned for me already. I just let it be. Well hoping to have a (not just a but manies <--to many) memorable moment. With this I announced I'm in my holiday mood now.

This announcement will make a lot of people happy..
I'm gonna ACTIVATE my FACEBOOK account again
Thank God for giving me wonderful November
although it have not end.
but still thank God.

Inew Dengah: Awwww Can I Do It...

I just don't know anything..
What I had studied were useless..
I study nothing..
Everything was zero..
Can I succeed and pass in this exam..
Just relying on what I had study and with the help from the archangel..
Let i prayed and ask for St Elizabeth of Hungary to help me today..
With all this maybe i can do well in my examination.
Just hoping..
and waiting..

This will be my last posting at UUM Sintoque..
Until then..
I need to fight for my last paper.
and then i flew back to my hometown..

Love UUM..
but still I love Sibu more..

Nov 14, 2009

Inew Dengah: My Tickets Back to Sibu, Sarawak

Guess Where is Sibu, Sarawak.
Its my hometown la.
If you still confuse where is it, google it. :

As usual i will display my tickets details here.
So anyone you can ready "RED CARPET" for me at Sibu okay!!

Destination: AOR (Alor Star, Kedah) to KUL (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)
Date: 17 November 2009 (Tuesday)
Time: 21:25 - 22:25
Flight No: MH1253
Flight: MAS (Malaysia Airlines)

- Next Connection Flight -

Destination: KUL (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) - SBW (Sibu)
Date: 18 November 2009 (Wednesday)
Time: 08:50 - 10:45
Flight No: MH2712
Flight: MAS (Malaysia Airlines)

With this I end my posting. Thank You.

Counting days to go.
So happy because i survived my one semester's life again here.

Inew Dengah: Exam Takaful Hari Ini (14 Nov 2009)

Aku akan menduduki exam takaful hari ini..
harap-harap semuanya ok..
jom kita berdoa..
Lord, Ask for your mercy and blessing to guide me during this exam.
Retained in me whatever that i had studied.
Give me light in this exam so that i can apply what i had studied in this exam..
Enlighten my mind Lord.

with this i gain more confident to answer the question in the exam paper..

Nak ingat nama lecturer
En Shamsul Naim Abdul Rais
Posting ini dibuat pada jam 08:14 iaitu 46 minit sebelum aku masuk exam. nasib dewan peperiksaan dekat ja dengan DPP(=kolej) aku iaitu di
DSB KTM aka Dewan Serbaguna Kolej Telekom Malaysia..
GOOD LUCK pada yang menduduki exam ari ni ya

nota kaki:
Hari ini dah 14 Nov bermakna ada 3 hari lagi sebelum exam ku berakhir.
Menandakan aku akan "chow" juga pada malam tersebut
apakan daya tak packing lagi..

Nov 10, 2009

Inew Dengah: A Prayer for Us

In The Name of The Father and of The Son and Of The Holy Spirit...

Lord, I ask for Your Blessing and guide to retain whatever that i had studied and give me knowledge to apply it during my exam. Let all that i had studied throughout the semester will be retained in my memory so that i can apply it and answer the question during my exam. Give me the knowledge so that i can apply it in my answer too.
I make this prayer through Christ Our Lord...

In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit...

Nov 8, 2009

Inew Dengah: Bye Bye Facebook...

I'm doing big decision that can affect my life... na.. Now is it..

Press conference to all medias..

I Adler B Hilary Laisak as a Facebook account holder want to make a big decision by DEACTIVATE my facebook account... To all my friends.. Sorry.. I'm doing it because my corporation Adler Ady corp. want to rebrand our product to Adler Adhy Corp. As for now, i'm not the facebook account stakeholder...

Facebook Stakeholder:

Adler Adhy Laisak..
Futher comfirmation and declaration please contact me...

Nov 6, 2009

Inew Dengah: Priceless Friendship

Have you ever wonder how much do you need to pay for our friendship price.. Well i guest we does not pay any single cents for it right.. But rule of the nature. When it was free, then you would not care for it. Not even bothered about it.. huh!! People.. They won't care for it. They just let it be. owhh (awww<--Vilerry used it) how could we be that way.
Old Town (Sibu) 's Friend

Friend(s), Will they be there during our laughter time and crying time. Can i say that friends are like water. They flow -come and go- but we need to hold it right. So ask ourselves where to put them (in glass right). That glass holds the term "FRIENDSHIP" because once broken, its hard for us to fixed it, and if we can fixed it we need to start all over again from the beginning, and hoping that the glass that we hold won't broke for the second time.

After Baktisiswa at Sabak Bernam Selangor

A word for us to remember... Friends come and go, and for sure they'll left us with a FOOTPRINT in our heart. Name who had passed through your heart. I'm sure there are too many footprint left by our friends. But how long can that footprint stand in our heart. I guess when they didn't met, the footprint are gone (washed away by water) but after some time, you will start to remember and see that the footprint are still there no matter how long have they left us.

During Expo Konvo UUM 2008 (i guess)

Whatever we've done to our friends, they will remember it. Although our memory are not that good, but they still can remember every tiny little thing we do.

NUCS Family day at Alor Star

Just found friends (some of them)

After thinking everything and seeing it clearly, I knew friends are easy to find and easy to let go. But TRUE friends are HARD to find and HARD for us to let them go..
Friends are only there when they don't have one and left us when they have one..
But a TRUE friends are there whenever we need them.

Friends do we pick them or they pick you?
Friendship contract: Be with me during laughter and break with tears..
New friendships: Unripe fruits, whether it become orange or lemon

So friends, i wanna thanks for this wonderful gift that God had given me.
Without all of you will my life be like this.
So greatest thanks for being my friends....
Apologise come after it..
If i hurt yo by my words, deeds or actions without knowing it, Million apologise to you dear...

I may cry deep down in my heart...
For what reason i don't know...
Maybe because of the Friendship...

p/s-could you lend me your shoulder for me to cry on it...
i don't want that thing happen to me again... It really broke my heart...

Nov 1, 2009

Inew Dengah: All Saints Day

Today is a celebration for the All Saints Day. Yes, for as a catholic persons we knew the important of this celebration. Hoping that all these saints will guide us in the journey of our life's.

Matthew 5:1-12
Seeing the crowds, Jesus went up the hill. There he sat down and was joined with disciples. Then he began to speak. This is what he taught them:
How happy are the poor in spirit; theirs is the kingdom in heaven.
Happy the gentle: they shall have the earth for their heritage.
Happy those who mourn: they shall be comforted.
Happy those who hunger and thirst for what is right: they shall be satisfied.
Happy the merciful: they shall have mercy shown them.
Happy the pure in heart: they shall see God.
Happy the peacemakers: they shall be called sons of God.
Happy those who are persecuted in the cause of right: theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
"Happy are you when people abuse you and persecute you and speak all kinds of calumny against you on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven."

Inew Dengah: Daddy's Birthday

Adi and Me

Adi.. Happy birthday..
Today is my dad's Birthday..
So This is posting about my beloved dad..
i wanna sing to him first..
"Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to Adi
Happy birthday to you"
Now i prayed that my dad will be showered by blessings in the years to come..
Give my dad Strength to go through this life.
Give a good health to my dad to.
Now i surrendered this prayer to God

This posting is dedicated to a person named dad
Hilary Laisak b Ipok
D.O.B. 1st November 1951