Nov 17, 2009

Inew Dengah: Officially Holiday + Facebook Activation

spending time at McD while waiting for tomorrow

With my paper which ended about 6 hours ago. Now I officially announced that I am a free man.. 'Investment Analysis' was my last paper for this semester. With this, i ended my student lifetime for first semester session 2009/2010. I was quite excited to spend the whole of my life as student during this semester. Thank God. He had given me all the chances to meet all those awesome people... This student's life was not worth having. I don't regret any (not even one) of my life as student.. Great.. For sure I will miss this moment a lot. (blues moment are in)..

thanks... it was wonderful to know all of you...

Just forget about them for a while.. I'll post my student's lifetime later. If I can spare some times with it. :D ... Well continue with my story. I will spent my holiday from 18 November 2009 until 3 January 2010 (when i arrived UUM). I was very excited to finished my last semester here and with that i'm gonna miss that moment soooo much. You know why? I will have to direct my own life. Sound a bit interesting. (yes.. but.. still i want to spent my life as student.)

For this holiday, I don't know much about what do I need to do. But for sure they planned for me already. I just let it be. Well hoping to have a (not just a but manies <--to many) memorable moment. With this I announced I'm in my holiday mood now.

This announcement will make a lot of people happy..
I'm gonna ACTIVATE my FACEBOOK account again
Thank God for giving me wonderful November
although it have not end.
but still thank God.


MISELnamapendek said...

hey hey welcome home!!!

adlerhilary said...

tq..tq.. juh juh lepak.