Jan 17, 2010

Inew Dengah: While I Was Sitting....

Ops... Thinking of something... Well when i sat on my chair facing laptop (FBooking) i thought of something that make me wrote on this piece of blog...
Well for me, better to sealed my mouth tightly about the current issues. You know what are you doing right now. Owh ya, About my writing, i would like to compile everything since my last post. Quite a long time since my last posting well i think i will compile everything in this issue + something that disrupt my mind... Number it would be nicer..

1.) Merry Xmas to all my reader and happy new year (Just imagine that you are walking with me from the 25 Dec 2009... ok) Owh.. at last, i got the chance to greet you and say that Christ was born... How happy we are because the Savior had been born for us.. To add this story more interesting i would like to bring my reader to early of December where we got our University and Colleges Camp with some of the Filipinos.. haha.. Wonderful Experience and after we done with The camp we have Faith camp. Dealing with children are fun. Guess what they are preparing for their 1st Holy Communion. Then we have our Christmas Caroling with youth + Julian + Nicholas + other people... wow Great carol. I'm not gonna tell you that we lepak at kedai kopi until night time -almost every night- , lepak at town square, BBQ at Julian's house and so on [guess what i just tell you that]...

2. Owh start of the last year as student life, where i think i am free almost every time... Huh.. Believe me. You know how to do it. Just pretend that you don't have anything to do when you got assignment due end of this month + trip to LOFSA Labuan this March + Night Vigil for NUCS (where i purposely want to do it) + AGM Persatuan Mahasiswa Sarawak (don't know when) + kursus ejen kastam (every weekend).. OMG do you think i'm free... Well i feel free actually.. (END OF PART TWO)

3. Everything was summarize in one blog. But this is the main thing that i would like to share with you. Have you ever thought how would you die if you were to die. Will it be a sickness that can't be cure (cancer), or because of sakit tua, or accident (please don't) or because of the nature and so on. If you would die what will your age be. and do you have son or daughter that time (i mean family) and will your parent still there or otherwise. Or even when you are still single. or when you have your grandchildren already. Well i always think of this lately. Is this show that i am ready to die... I don't know. Or this show that i am more matured. Only God Know. Well after all i kept thinking of this when i got nothing to do. Well what do you think. How many Relatives or Friends will come to pay the last respect to you and how much prayer that they will offer up to you when you died. And after you died will you died because of the good name that you have or done. or will they say the bad thing that you did during your life. And everything that need answer, can we get the answer for that... owh Praise God.
(I just end it like this and END OF PART THREE)

Till then until my next posting

p/s: Condolences to Dr Jeniri (my third cousin)
His Father Amir had passed away peacefully .

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