Apr 17, 2010

Inew Dengah: The Gift of Love from God

Love Quote

Have you ever thought of being love or to love someone. A best thing to described right. But it can't be described by words (i guess). This is the greatest gift form God to the universe. But then, How much of you outside there really know how to appreciate it. Even we could killed the love that God had given to us. How cruel are people. Love. You are given these chances to love everyone and even your enemies. I think there's no need for me to mention who do you love. The list will have no end (^_^).
Back to my stories. Wow!!! I guess people like to ask me. But then i rather put this thing to silence. As people are to excited to know it. Hrmm. I once those of people who wanna killed the love that had given to me. As I am still rationale, so i guess I'm lucky not to killed the love that God had given. Thanks to you as you had told me that. If not, for sure I am put to guilty as I killed what God had given to me.
Still ponder what am I talking about. Owh. Let you guess it by yourself. Till then.

Love is something great as you can see yourself in love.


Hailey Francis Thomas Goitom said...

love is mysterious, love is divine...but love can also lead us astray from God....if only we have ability to discern the True love and the love that has hidden motifs in it...God be with us as long as we live...Amen~

mcjayn said...

Hm... I think love will bring us closer to God as God is love itself. Where there is love there is God. Just don't mistake between love and lust.

Have faith in love! Sama-sama telo diem jujuk.