Nov 25, 2010


Have you ever thought of giving your special ones something special.. I knew it is a common things to do when we don't have any idea of what to give to the one that you love... Well pretty much easy if it is for married people as they lived together... As happiness is the best gift for both of you...

Below are the details of what does i mean for it...
For sure a time when you does not know what do you want to give as a GIFT for your love one. (I didn't point this thing out to married people) Only for couples..
You are on the ship and suddenly the ship sank. I mean a good sinking one. No argument.
What is the things that you want to give to him / her if your relationship need to end as your couple demand it.. For he / she said that both of you need to end the knot as he / she need to go for a good reason. Thinking of giving him / her the best gift. Yes the best thing that you can give is
Although it is hard because you are now separated with him / her while deep in your heart you still love your bf / gf.. What to do right? If you still love him / her, you still need to say goodbye as he / she has their own life now... But the things is you still really missed and love him / her.
Oh no!! Though decision to made. As you don't want it to end up too soon.. For you better to end it in your marriage life. That's better right.
No Hope! No Choice! What to do!
So if you really love him / her then why don't just let him / her go.. Wow!! A heart piercing decision, as you don't want to let him / her go. But it is the best way as your couple said that the knot need to end.
He / she deserved to have a better life. Yeah he / she leave you for a reason (a good one).
Give him / her a long lasting lifetime gifts. As if you and him / her have to choose your own life where deep in your heart you still love him /her, then just offer up prayer to it. Hope that he / she will find their own happiness...

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