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Feb 21, 2011


Guess what.. Wanna share to you a bit about my Valentine Day (Vday)..
That day, i just remember, the night we got program at St Joe Centre Sentosa.
So I text my darling and invited her to joined us...
I fetch her and we sped up to St Joe Centre..
Upon arrival, I saw a girl crying.. so I jumpoed out of the car and left Connie inside
'and then she asked me' (wonderful tonight)
not that she asked me. I asked them what happen, they told me but I can't hear a single voice, so I asked them again, owh they said
"the boy(I don't know who is he) rammed towards them (Mok and Lala)"
Owh I said... then continue asking, anyone injured..
so Mok show her back of head and i touched it.. OMG (kembang dowh)
So I told them to go inside my car I'll drive them to hospital, and asking them whether anymore people injured... Suddenly the boy came, I had no idea who is he.. But i saw blood coming out through the nose, so I bring three of them to hospital... (nasib tak bawa laju sangat) ..
Upon arrival, i registered them to the ER. and then I know who is the boy..
Mohd Faizzul is the name given to him... After registered all of them, I call their parents.
So 1 by 1 the relatives come. And at last the Boy's mum came over.. Do you know what happen...
"ya lah kawu, tangga Kawu Tuhan maok nunjuk ngan mak. Kawu madah sik tauk cne kunci moto, paduhal ditapoknya" - kesian jugak yer, dah la sakit kena marah lagi... (you see, God want to show me something, you said you dont know where the bike's key is. but you lied to me"
After saw all the drama, to make the story short, Lala and Faizzul was admitted to the wards and mok is going home...
all tooks place between 6.30pm till 10.00pm I guess...
So after that me and darling drove back to St Joe Centre to joined in the Vday celebration...
then I sent some of boarding school student back to their school and we go to London and ate
"Sotong Goreng Kangkung"

the end..

Feb 14, 2011


angin semalam,
kesegarannya menampar pipi
amat dingin kurasakan
bagaikan sebuah mimpi
ia datang
memberi kebahagiaan
menjadi pelindung
dan dinding kekuatan

hari ini
anginnya masih dapat ku rasakan
namun tidak seindah semalam
dinginnya kurang
halusnya tiada
terpanah rasa jiwaku

di manakah angin yang ku cari
seindah pelangikah ia
sekuat matahari kah sinarannya
mampukah diriku bertahan tanpamu
menanti tak bermasa
kunjungnya tiada datang
berdarah diriku
ku harapkan angin itu
bersama aku
sehingga jasad terbelah

adleradhylaisak untukmu

Feb 11, 2011


I felt that today is my special day..
Is there anything special gonna happen to me today..
Hopefully ..

you know why..
it is

crossing figer (bak kata darlingku)

till next post


Just wanna share to you something about my life recently. I thought i was the lucky person in this world I guess. As after i finished my practical session at Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Sibu (JIMS). 2 week after, Jabatan Ketua Menteri call me telling that I need to report myself at SUNLUN CORP SIBU (Goldstar Outlet) - SCS on 18 Oct 2010 to under "Capacity Building Graduates - CBG".
So after bits here and there and settle with the ball kicking ceremony, at last they asked me to report duty on 21 Oct 2010. So starting that date i declare myself as one of SCS staff but under the state government officer. SCS are giving me a place for me to work but State Government are giving me the salary. I worked there until 31 January 2011 because I intended to join the CBG orientation on 24 - 28 Jan 2011.
Well SCS are offering me to joined them on the 9 January if I not mistaken, but i sealed the offer until after I joined the CBG orientation, then I accept the offer on 31 Jan 2011.
So I resigned as trainee under CBG and work as a staff at SCS starting 1st Feb 2011.

Big thanks to CBG for giving me the placement at SCS although at first i don't want to work here as I sweep all of the previous staff taik and try to keep their taik clean.. hehehe. Oh by the way there are 3 of us undergo the training at SCS, Abdul Muiz and Agnes, but both of them resigned
Abd Muiz resigned for the reason which I don't know (as he resigned at one of SCS outlet - Autozone where I didn't had the chance to asked him about his resignation.) Agnes resigned as she got the offer from KEMAS (congrats to her) and left I'm alone.

So now I am the staff of Sunlun Corporation under the Goldstar outlet
No99 Jln Lanang.

So do come and visit me there if you got your problem with your car..




i declare myself as single..
no scandal
no special GF


till then

Feb 10, 2011



This post is about how our life goes..
Well the first song "fall for you" happen because you fall for someone.
but then did you know that if you fall for someone, sometimes its kills your friendship.
without you (or if you realize) realize it.
This is the bad thing about it.
If you fall for it, then keep it in your heart if you still want that friendship goes on.
but if you go beyond the limit then you know it is not good for both of you..
What to do as nasi sudah menjadi bubur. you cannot turn back times.
Thank you for making somebody fall for somebody..


But then, can we built our friendship once more.
By pretending nothing had happen.
well start our friendship again,
forgive and forget.
Because i love our friendship and i wanna keep it long..

This is the things that i wanna keep forever.



Kawan-kawan, maaf kerana terlalu sibuk dalam kehidupan seharian sehingga menyebabkan blog dah pun bersawang dan berhabuk... hahaha..
tak apa
sekali sekala...
hmm, untuk pengetahuan semua FB saya telah deactivatekan untuk semantara waktu..
maaf ya.. nak tahu perkambangan semasa ikuti blog saya buat sementara..
belum ada terfikir mau mengaktifkannya kembali..
tunggu la dahulu..
mungkin mahu membuat yang baru sambil mendeletekan FB yang lama..
tak apala biarkan FB menjadi FB...
Sekian dulu ya...