Feb 11, 2011


Just wanna share to you something about my life recently. I thought i was the lucky person in this world I guess. As after i finished my practical session at Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Sibu (JIMS). 2 week after, Jabatan Ketua Menteri call me telling that I need to report myself at SUNLUN CORP SIBU (Goldstar Outlet) - SCS on 18 Oct 2010 to under "Capacity Building Graduates - CBG".
So after bits here and there and settle with the ball kicking ceremony, at last they asked me to report duty on 21 Oct 2010. So starting that date i declare myself as one of SCS staff but under the state government officer. SCS are giving me a place for me to work but State Government are giving me the salary. I worked there until 31 January 2011 because I intended to join the CBG orientation on 24 - 28 Jan 2011.
Well SCS are offering me to joined them on the 9 January if I not mistaken, but i sealed the offer until after I joined the CBG orientation, then I accept the offer on 31 Jan 2011.
So I resigned as trainee under CBG and work as a staff at SCS starting 1st Feb 2011.

Big thanks to CBG for giving me the placement at SCS although at first i don't want to work here as I sweep all of the previous staff taik and try to keep their taik clean.. hehehe. Oh by the way there are 3 of us undergo the training at SCS, Abdul Muiz and Agnes, but both of them resigned
Abd Muiz resigned for the reason which I don't know (as he resigned at one of SCS outlet - Autozone where I didn't had the chance to asked him about his resignation.) Agnes resigned as she got the offer from KEMAS (congrats to her) and left I'm alone.

So now I am the staff of Sunlun Corporation under the Goldstar outlet
No99 Jln Lanang.

So do come and visit me there if you got your problem with your car..


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