Feb 21, 2011


Guess what.. Wanna share to you a bit about my Valentine Day (Vday)..
That day, i just remember, the night we got program at St Joe Centre Sentosa.
So I text my darling and invited her to joined us...
I fetch her and we sped up to St Joe Centre..
Upon arrival, I saw a girl crying.. so I jumpoed out of the car and left Connie inside
'and then she asked me' (wonderful tonight)
not that she asked me. I asked them what happen, they told me but I can't hear a single voice, so I asked them again, owh they said
"the boy(I don't know who is he) rammed towards them (Mok and Lala)"
Owh I said... then continue asking, anyone injured..
so Mok show her back of head and i touched it.. OMG (kembang dowh)
So I told them to go inside my car I'll drive them to hospital, and asking them whether anymore people injured... Suddenly the boy came, I had no idea who is he.. But i saw blood coming out through the nose, so I bring three of them to hospital... (nasib tak bawa laju sangat) ..
Upon arrival, i registered them to the ER. and then I know who is the boy..
Mohd Faizzul is the name given to him... After registered all of them, I call their parents.
So 1 by 1 the relatives come. And at last the Boy's mum came over.. Do you know what happen...
"ya lah kawu, tangga Kawu Tuhan maok nunjuk ngan mak. Kawu madah sik tauk cne kunci moto, paduhal ditapoknya" - kesian jugak yer, dah la sakit kena marah lagi... (you see, God want to show me something, you said you dont know where the bike's key is. but you lied to me"
After saw all the drama, to make the story short, Lala and Faizzul was admitted to the wards and mok is going home...
all tooks place between 6.30pm till 10.00pm I guess...
So after that me and darling drove back to St Joe Centre to joined in the Vday celebration...
then I sent some of boarding school student back to their school and we go to London and ate
"Sotong Goreng Kangkung"

the end..


mcjayn said...

mestika include sotong goreng kangkung? cis. sengaja.

adlerhilary said...

nasib la labu.. hahaha..
i like..